The work that you do is very powerful. The only way I can describe all of the issues that we have dealt with is that they mop up a huge chunk of it - like a big spring clean, and then there are smaller, more manageable chunks left behind which makes me feel more in control of managing myself. It's like a big, dark cupboard that hasn't been touched for a long time - you know you need to clean it out because it is causing a blockage in your home and it is leaving you with no space to put your nice things into. With you, you go into the cupboard and start to sort through the worst, oldest, smelliest things. Then there are just a few things left lingering around that I feel I can control more. I can see what is in the cupboard, which is the most important thing, so it is not such a frightening place to be. It feels like it is all about creating more space.
Well, I hope you get what I mean....... It's hard to describe in words.

- Katy, from Cornwall, United Kingdom
Dr Anne has been working with me for two years now, in person and via skype. In 1978 at the age of 16 I received a traumatic hit in the head by a snow sled while holidaying with my family in the UK. The accident trapped my emotions in my head and muscles. At the age of about 45 my muscles slowly started to seize up and I became very stiff and sore. I had tried all types of therapies which only helped for a little while, but the pain was always there. On my first visit with Dr Anne she realised my pain was emotional, and suggested we try ERT. This was quite alien to me to start with, but I felt a huge difference straight away and continue to feel better after each session. I now have a lot of movement in my body and head, and I can actually feel the muscles in my neck and shoulders moving, which is a first for many years. I can’t thank Dr Anne enough for the help she has given to me to rid my body of pain and stiffness.

- Dawn Kenny Geraldton Western Australia.
For six months, I struggled with a particular topic creating every roadblock imaginable, wondering how I could possibly overcome each hurdle. After one session with Dr. Anne, every problem seemed to just vanish. They all simply found ways to solve themselves. It is incredible how easy life can flow when you use the right tools. What held me back for six months, now overnight has me moving forward in leaps and bounds. Thank you so much Dr. Anne for using your incredible technique and talent to help make such a profound difference in my life!
- Karyn, Queensland, Australia

“After almost a year of trying everything to help our daughter stop withholding her bowel movements, we were at a complete loss as to what to do. Dr Anne Jensen came into our lives and after two sessions we have our daughter back, happy and healthy! We would highly recommend Dr. Jensen. We are truly amazed.”
- Charlotte (and Mia), Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I have been worked on many times with different energetic healing modalities and by many healers. Anne is an exceptional channel for healing and has worked on me with ERT both in person physically and over several skype sessions. Every session, whether in person or remotely via Skype has been instantly profound and transformational. I highly recommend Anne Jensen and ERT."
- BJ (USA)

“I have been doing emotional work for a number of years, and with Dr Anne for the last couple. I have found the sessions on Skype just as effective as the face to face session, the advantage with the Skype sessions, is that they can be done from home at a time convenient to myself. I would certainly recommend Dr Anne either in person or her Skype sessions, especially if you have a busy life style.”
- Greg (UK)