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The accuracy and precision of kinesiology-style manual muscle testing: designing and implementing a series of diagnostic test accuracy studies. DPhil. University of Oxford.Research Exclusive
DPhil Dissertation Abstracts - AJensen - Kinesiology-style manual muscle testing
Research Exclusive: Giving Massage Decreases Anxiety


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Investigating the validity of muscle response testing: Blinding the patient using subliminal visual stimuli - Added 25 February 2020
The impact of using emotionally-arousing stimuli on Muscle Response Testing Accuracy - Added 26 July 2019
Emerging from the Mystical: Rethinking Muscle Response Testing as an Ideomotor Effect - Added 14 January 2019
Estimating the accuracy of muscle response testing: two randomised-order blinded studies
Estimating the prevalence of use of kinesiology-style manual muscle - 22 August 2015
Developing the evidence of kMMT - Advances in Integrative Medicine

The use of Neuro Emotional Technique with competitive rowers: A case series

A mind-body approach for precompetitive anxiety in power-lifters: 2 case studies

How Do You Treat Stress in Your Practice?

Intermittent low back pain referred from a uterine adenomyosis: a case report

Treating Spider Phobia Using Neuro Emotional Technique :Findings from a Pilot Study

Subluxation: The Cause or Simply a Sympton

The accuracy of kinesiology-style manual muscle testing to distinguish congruent from incongruent statements under varying levels of blinding: Results from a study of diagnostic test accuracy

Improving flexibility with a mind-body approach: A randomized controlled trial using neuro
emotional technique

OTZ Tension Adjustments for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome: A retrospective case series of 50 patients

The role of pulse oximetry in chiropractic practice: a rationale for its use

Improving general flexibility with a mindbody approach: a randomized, controlled trial using neuro emotional technique

The Benefits of Giving a Massage on the Mental State of Massage Therapists

Overcompensated Cervical Syndrome (O.C.S.): Two Case Reports Supporting the Thompson Technique Protocol
Evidence Live - 13
MMT Studies in Clinical Chiropractic 2011
Developing the evidence for kinesiology-style manual muscle testing
Designing and implementing a series of diagnostic test accuracy studies
IRCIMH Abstract Published in the JACM 5-2014