HeartSpeak is a powerful healing tool that dissolves stress in both mind and body.

Everyone reacts differently to stress. Perhaps you become upset, frustrated, or sad. Or maybe you break out into a rash or get headaches. Or maybe you even feel like you might be on the verge of an addiction. Regardless, we can all relate to having those moments when we don't feel like ourselves.

But what if you could get back to being YOU? What if you could choose how you react to stress rather than automatically react? Regardless of how your mindbody reacts to stress, HeartSpeak helps stop the trigger so that next time you meet that situation you are less likely to be triggered in that way. 

And don’t worry if you don’t know what’s triggering you or what the cause of your problems are. That’s common because triggers are often nonconscious. HeartSpeak can still help you.

HeartSpeak goes deeper than just helping you deal with your emotions. It unwinds layers of neural conditioning, so that you can be your true, authentic self. Finally. 


How long is a HeartSpeak Session?

 Adult sessions are usually 60 minutes, and sessions for children are 20-45 minutes (depending on the age of your child).

Where are HeartSpeak Sessions held?

In person sessions are held at Mackay, Queensland. Online sessions are over Zoom. Telephone and other media sessions can be arranged as well.

What can I expect from a HeartSpeak Session?

During a HeartSpeak sessions, Dr Anne will gently guide you through the HeartSpeak process, asking you to feel specific feelings, until you emerge feeling free, light and clear. The problems you worked on – physical and/or emotional – will feel distinctly different. 

Do I have to divulge my innermost secrets?

No, not unless you want to. Dr Anne Jensen will guide you through the HeartSpeak process without you having to speak about your troubles or your past 

Who has HeartSpeak helped?
Adults who have anxieties that may relate to childhood, or thought patterns that cause them pain in their life.
Children who have subconsciously adopted fear and may be over-anxious or shy.
Students who are struggling to learn.
Elite Sportspeople who are anxious about focus and performance.
Practitioners looking for a friendly, fast technique to add to their repertoire to achieve lasting change for their clients.
People who just know that things just aren’t “right” or that there’s more to life!

Mastering Feelings for Emotional Health and Wellbeing with Anne Jensen
The Good News Guide

00:00 - Intro
02:17 - Welcome Dr. Anne
03:15 - Dr. Anne’s journey to Heart Speak
09:12 - An anti-trigger tool for emotional mastery
10:50 - Addicted to feelings
12:38 - An example of Heart Speak in action
17:50 - The difference between feelings and emotions
20:24 - Which specific emotions put Dr. Anne on the path to Heart Speak?
26:18 - A quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza about feelings
27:50 - Let’s do some Heart Speak together!
35:46 - What Lisa just experienced & what it means
39:12 - The toll that lockdown will have on our collective emotional states
42:44 - Dealing with the physical symptoms
48:25 - Completing the emotional trail & allowing yourself to feel
52:04 - Symptoms are feelings
55:49 - Dr. Anne’s experience of symptoms, since using Heart Speak
01:01:24 - For everyone who thinks they’re a victim of their feelings
01:07:10 - “Talk to your feeling-mind like you’re talking to a two-year old”
01:09:21 - Think less, feel more & don’t talk about your problems
01:13:25 - How can you connect & work with Dr. Anne?
01:16:53 - Dr. Anne’s parting advice
01:17:42 - Wrap up